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I don't really know what am I doing right now. It's really good to have some free time, but it feels a bit boring if you have so much. Yeah, so I start to write on my blog, again, finally. Since the last time I wrote on 2013, I think. Some people changed. But me.. I don't think I have so many changes on my appearance because I just love myself like this I think. Hmm maybe there are changes but they're not so significant.

I used to write about my style and outfit of the day and pick my outfit photos to my old blog. But now I just wanna post what my life goes and some short story, and maybe sometime I'll telling you about life hohoho (am I like a grandma?) ^^. I'll try to add pictures on my post if it about my life. Just please tell me, what you like for me to post on my blog. Comment below!

Yesterday, my friend, Tasya, asked me to accompany her for a walk. Yeah, we were old friends, and we rarely meet up like this. She is busy with her medical school and also me…